Your Place or Mine?, video documentation, Franciscan monastery, Düsseldorf

Your Place or Mine?

Your place or Mine? is a work in situ which was realised in an emptied Franciscan monastery, just few months before the demolition of the building complex. The work is an intervention in the built-in serving hatch which connected the monks’ dinning room (refectory) and kitchen. The serving hatch functioned as a pass-through for dishes and could be opened from both sides.
For the work Your place or Mine? the doors of the serving hatch were connected with wooden sticks, so when a visitor opened the door on his side, the door on the other side closed. It is precisely this which made any attempt to see what was on the other side impossible.


Your place or Mine? corresponded with another intervention Who’s There? Who’s There? situated in a monastery church.


Interactive intervention.

Wood, metal, rubber.

Reflexionen, Franciscan monastery, Düsseldorf, Germany. Curated by Michael Voets. Organised by 701 e.V.

Kunstverein 701 e.V.


+ Who's There?⎟Who's There?, 2015

Your Place or Mine?, plan of upper and lower cabinet units
Your Place or Mine?, detail
Your Place or Mine?, detail
Your Place or Mine?, detail
Your Place or Mine?, refectory, Franciscan monastery, Düsseldorf